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Get to know your harpist better :)

Hi! My name is Bridget and I'm excited to meet you! I was born and raised in fabulous Las Vegas, moved to Utah in 2014, and have loved living here ever since. I met my soulmate, Brett, shortly after moving to Utah and we got married in 2016. We now have two dogs, three reptiles, and too many plants. :) Along with my passion for the harp and all kinds of music - I love cooking and trying new foods, Halloween, nature and animals, yoga, art and design, anime, and thrifting! I'm a Libra, INFJ, Enneagram 9, and what I like to call an extroverted introvert. ;) My favorite things about being a professional harpist are making my own arrangements and recordings, seeing my students grow, getting to meet amazing people in the industry, and playing in my band, Little Moon. 

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