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utah's new adult harp ensemble

Adult harp students need more opportunities!

I and other fellow harp teachers here in Utah have had so many adult students - past and present - who wish they could get more involved in a community of music, but lack the same kinds of opportunities that young students have (music camps, school and youth ensembles, festivals, competitions, etc). My goal in creating Horizon Harp Ensemble is to provide an avenue for adult learners to share music with others, create and achieve musical goals, and make friends and connections with other adult students. It's time for Utah's abundant harp community to celebrate our adult harp students' passion!

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Thursday evenings in Orem
Bimonthly Jan-Mar 2024

Rehearsal/Concert location addresses will be

sent upon registration.


HHE Spring 2024 registration
is open from
10/22/23  to  11/19/23.
Audition required at registration for ensemble part placement, not for admittance - no one will be turned away based on skill level or experience!
Cost is $150 per person and covers:
  • all sheet music and materials
  • all 6 rehearsals
  • concert venue space


Saturday, March 23, 2024

in American Fork


Rehearsal/Concert location addresses will be

sent upon registration.


How will my parts be assigned?

Each song we perform will have four parts: level 1, 2, 3, and 4. Your part will be assigned to you based on where you're at with your learning, as determined through your audition submission. I will do my best to assign the parts the best I can, to meet you where you're at with your music journey. My purpose with assigning parts is to provide you with an engaging experience, without being too challenging to the point where it becomes a burden - the main goal of this group is to have fun while also exercising your ensemble muscles, not add stress to your life!

Do I need to bring my own harp?

Yes, you will need to bring your own harp for rehearsals and for the concert. I can provide a harp if the urgent need arises, but that would be the exception.

What if I can't make it to all the rehearsals?

There are 6 scheduled rehearsals in preparation for our Spring 2024 concert, however there is no minimum rehearsal commitment requirement for participating in HHE - you won't be penalized in any way for missing rehearsals, other than you already paid for them! We're all adults here, and each individual is responsible for their own preparation both outside rehearsals and in attending them.

Is our concert free to attend?

Our March 23 concert will be free to attend. As of right now I of course can't speak for if we add more concerts what those will look like, but free concerts definitely are the goal!

Will we only do one concert this spring?

So far we only have one main concert planned (the March 23) but if the opportunity arises would love to do more! It's on my radar. :)

Is HHE here to stay?

The intent is for HHE to become a permanent staple in Utah's harp community! My goal is for two concert cycles per year: one in spring, one in fall.

Will I need to re-register for future HHE participation?

All participants will be required to register for each HHE season they want to participate in.

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