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harp lessons

Learning an instrument is rewarding, challenging, and amazing. The harp is a great instrument to learn, not only because of its uniqueness and diverse musical capacity, but also because of its unmatched ability to bring people joy and wonder!

Are you looking for a harp teacher who is versatile, well-rounded, and down-to-earth? These are all adjectives that I can confidently say I embody as both a harpist and harp teacher, and adjectives I aim to pass on to my students. I welcome students of any age, background, experience, and goals. I work with each student to determine what their goals and dreams are in regards to their own musical journey - whether that be pursuing a professional concert harpist career, playing casually just for fun, and everything in between! Whether you aim to make music a career or not, any music pursuit is valid and exciting! And I would love to embark on your harp journey with you :)

I love teaching and welcome students of all ages, with or without previous musical training! I teach both lever and pedal harp, and in my studio I have one concert grand extended pedal harp, two mid-sized lever harps, and one small lap harp.
A harp of your own is essential for practice outside of lessons. You can purchase new or used harps, or rent a harp. 
Purchasing routes for Utah residents include Lyon & Healy in Salt Lake City, Summerhayes Music in Murray, or used options such as KSL CLassifieds.
You can also rent harps through Lyon & Healy, Harps Etc, and The Harp Connection.
Lessons are held once every week, and payment is due at the beginning of the month. Lessons can be 30 minutes or one hour long. Starting out with 30 minute lessons is recommended for beginners to the harp and younger students in order to help prevent injury while building technique and strength/flexibility one step at a time.

In my teaching I emphasize musicality and expression while staying relaxed and in control of both your body and the instrument, achieved by proper technique to prevent tension or injury. Along with learning pieces, students will become well-rounded musicians by also working on music theory, technical exercises, orchestral excerpts, music history relevant to their current pieces, and confidence with performing.

Studio concerts are held twice a year and are welcome for students of any skill level to participate in. This is a fun way for students to showcase their hard work and build their confidence performing in front of others! Group lessons and other extra activities, such as service opportunities and workshops, are also incorporated throughout the year.

Now offering Skype lessons!


Private Lessons:

(charged monthly)

  • $115/month for weekly 30-min lessons

  • $175/month for weekly one-hour lessons

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